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Jewish String Quartet

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Jewish String Quartet


Giardino Strings has more than 25 years of experience playing Jewish music at Jewish wedding ceremonies (The Chuppah). We have had the good fortune of performing at the most important synagogues in the UK. In London, we have performed at the Central Synagogue, St Petersburg Place and Western Marble Arch Synagogue among others. We have also played at the Grand Synagogue in Paris. Giardino Strings is proud to have performed with some of the best Chazans in the U.K. We have performed with Chazan Steven Leas from the Central Synagogue, Jonny Mosesson, Paul Greenberg from Pure Showband, and also internationally with Ohad Mozkowitz and Eitan Freilich. We have a specially curated repertoire for Jewish ceremonies. We update this repertoire bi-annually based on client requests and current trends. For Jewish Wedding Ceremonies, we perform traditional and requested pieces at the following stages of the ceremony:
  • Prelude – Welcoming the guests to the venue with soft, melodious tunes
  • Procession – Creating a blessed atmosphere as the bride enters the venue on her father’s arm
  • Circling – As the bride traditionally circles around her groom three (or seven) times under the chuppah, to create a magical wall of protection from evil spirits and temptation, we champion her through the power of our music. Our mellifluous tunes celebrate the creation of a new family circle
  • Sheva B’rachot – Our music compliments the blessings that focus on joy, celebration and the power of love for the new couple
  • Breaking of the glass – the breaking of the glass demonstrates that marriage holds sorrow as well as joy and is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another in good and bad times. Giardino Strings celebrates this magical union with a lively medley that continues till the guests depart
  • Drinks Reception – We continue to regale the guests with light background music as they mingle over champagne
  • The Dinner – Giardino Strings Showband plays soft, soothing music whilst the guests are eating. On your request, we will serenade the guest tables with our lively tunes. Circle dancing may take place during courses to Israeli tunes such as Hava Naglia.
  • Hora and Mezinke – Giardino Strings accompanies the celebratory dances at the reception with full gusto. Our energetic renditions fill the atmosphere with happy and celebratory vibes during Hora, as the bride and groom are seated on chairs and lifted into the air while holding onto a handkerchief or cloth napkin. We join in with the parents of the bride and groom with our beautiful tunes during Mezinke, which is a special dance for the parents of the bride or groom when their last child is wed.
  • After Dinner Dancing – Giardino Strings Showband performs the happiest of melodies well into the evening celebrations. Musical choice here may range from rock and roll to 90s chartbusters, from traditional folk to modern day songs to appeal to all tastes.

Jewish String Quartet


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David Giardino is one of London’s foremost solo violinists, both in London and further abroad performing with his classical violin and electric violin.